Alfa Romeo Museum. Milan, Italy

Our second last day in Italy and upon our drive into Milan we decided to stop in Arese – a district in the north west of the city – and take in the museum dedicated to one of the most iconic car brands to come out of Italy, Alfa. Out of all the things to [...]


6 Reasons Why You Need To Take A European Roadtrip

Having recently caught a flight and then drove around Italy, I’m standing on my soap box to explain why these types of holidays should be tried at least once! In a world full of package holidays and weekend breaks, there is one method of satisfying travel cravings that is often overlooked.  The idea of catching [...]

The 24 Square-mile Country You Must Visit

Europe is host to some of the smallest nations in the world, you've got the F1 playground  Monaco, the alpine Liechtenstein, the holy Vatican and the glorious island of Cyprus but there is one state dotted within the Italian landscape that is often overlooked. San Marino, is an independent nation of just over 33 thousand citizens.  Despite being the 5th smallest state [...]